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Dr. Mani Alikhani is Professor of Orthodontics and Dean of CTOR Academy and faculty at Harvard School of Dental Medicine and Forsyth Institute. Dr. Alikhani’s background in physics, biomedical engineering, molecular biology, and his research in orthodontics and bone biology has produced many patents for new and safer treatments to move teeth faster and promote bone growth.

Dr. Alikhani is a founding member and Director of CTOR (orthodonticscientist.org), the only center dedicated to translational research in Orthodontics. He is active in IADR leadership, having served as Director of the Craniofacial Biology Group, as inaugural President and current Council of the Orthodontic Research Group (ORG), which he established with his colleagues.

Dr. Alikhani’s experience reflects his strong belief that innovations by Orthodontics researchers are needed to drive the future of Orthodontics. He promotes translation of basic science into clinically useful Orthodontics treatments through his:

• work on study sections at the NIH;

• editorial leadership at prominent research and clinical journals, including PLoS One and Seminars in Orthodontics;

• innovative approaches to knowledge dissemination through digital publishing, including INNOVATION https://innovation.ctor.press/ https://innovation.ctor.press/ https://innovation.ctor.press/, a free open-access journal for cutting-edge researchers;

• organizing the CTOR Symposium, gathering world leaders across research and clinical disciplines to present their work on craniofacial studies;

• successful patented inventions developed at CTOR, several of which are commercially available around the world;

• mentoring Orthodontics Fellows through CTOR and, in his boldest effort, training future Orthodontist-scientists at CTOR Academy, an independent innovative education center offering an Orthodontics Certificate combined with an MS or PhD in Biomedical Engineering.



Dr. TM Graber outstanding article award 2020

8.9 minutes

Alikhani M, Alansari S, Al Jearah MM, Gadhavi N, Hamidaddin …

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Dr. TM Graber outstanding article award 2020

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